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Shooting Event


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This is one of the best events we have ever organized, which was a successful clay gun shooting event held on 25th March at Honesberie Shooting School.
The event was attended by quality people who enjoyed a great time and built connections in the real way.

We, at Nik Dhimal Ltd, organized this event to celebrate our hard-earned success and express our gratitude to everyone who supported us along the way. Our motto for the event was to have fun, build connections and create memorable experiences.
We are overwhelmed with the success of this event and want to express our gratitude to everyone who was a part of it. Everything went smoothly, and we are pleased to see that everyone had a fantastic time. The day was filled with fun and laughter, and it was inspiring to see people from different backgrounds come together and enjoy themselves.
We believe that events like these are crucial for building connections, having fun, and bringing people together.